Harnessing the new ways of the internet

NFTs, Metaverse, Web 3.0. Those are all Buzzwords we hear all over the media. As a designer, the proof of ownership is a big step into a new world, where creativity and equality are key. I took the plunge into the rabbit hole and got rewarded. My 4-piece multimedia series "The Odyssey - Sound Collection" was the #1 Music NFT Collection in the second half of 2021, on the largest NFT marketplace "Opensea". Have a look at them below and listen to a piece of history.

The Odyssey - Sound Collection

This is a collection of handcrafted music compositions wrapped in clean and bold graphics. Each piece of sound represents a piece of the whole journey from forgotten rites to an otherworldly opponent over to losing self-control and the escape into the unknown.

#1/4 RITUS

Ritus is the first piece of a set of four. It is the beginning of an adventure, a long-forgotten rite, performed in dark, dilapidated ruins, hidden away from the outside world. Muffled sounds and crispy atmosphere for your own ritual.

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#2/4 DEMON

is the second part of the ODYSSEY Sound Collection. After a twisted ritual has gone wrong an otherworldly being is slowly corrupting the minds of those who wanted to fiddle with dark powers. No blood, no harm, just a spirit jesting with its new toys.

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#3/4 CRASH

is the third part of the ODYSSEY Sound Collection. A spirit damaged body and soul of, now the mortals need to fight their own minds. In conflict with the future, past, and present they need to let go and succeed or surrender.

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#4/4 SPACE

is the fourth and final part of the ODYSSEY Sound Collection. After the madness was over, it wasn't clear if the victims have won or lost. Strange slivers of memories, oddly familiar and unsettling comforting at the same time.

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