No matter if films, animation, games or just for ambience. I create soundtracks from scratch for every need, setting or emotion. A piece of music transports a lot of feelings and amplifies the message you want to send. So what could be better than some nice beats and atmospheres tailored to your project? Check out my most recent showreels and favorite pieces of art!



This project was produced for the city of Graz. With bouncy atmospheres, feel-good melodies and a clear set of percussion and drums these different pieces all come together to create a unique space to feel good and happy. Inspired by small modern cafés to historic city centers.


THE MAZE is an assortment of triphop influenced pieces of music for an upcoming videogame full of dangerous creatures, weird magic and  even more strange riddles packed in dark, occult dungeons. Besides that scatterbrained heroes try to fight for dominance. Dive into a new realm of vintage drums, upbeat melodies and dark atmospheres.


THE NEST is a melodic piece contained in the Human Cities compilation. It contains airy atmospheres, birds soaring through the sky and warm sun rays on your skin. Supported by clear and reduced drum lines that are smoothly aproaching all sides of your head, this track lets you lay back and enjoy.


It is like a conversation or a phone call to a loved one. Smooth, thoughtful and full of joy. Smooth kicks and a playful melody are carrying you through the day. Minimalistic accents and sounddesign are appearing like small dots on the the painted canvas of this track.


Lifeline is like a bridge between the melodic-airy side of my genre and the more experimental one. Starting off with a calm mood and building up in a epic manner. Harder Kicks and more a more sturdier drumline in the middle to end show also a transformation like a life that is developing over time.


This short Track started out as a draft for a short motion graphic for but got stuck in the head of me and the editors. So i decided to show this little piece of emotion to the world. Have as much fun with it as I have! 


In my deep dive into trip-hop and how i could combine or adapt it to my style, this was the first ambassador which got me hooked. I combined classic layering of loops with my style of melodies and composition. "The Entrance" is the first one of a series that got used in a video game. Deep and epic synths, blurry but snappy drums and a catchy melody.


Classic trip-hop rhytmics mixed with harder samples and a melody in the phrygian scale makes this piece meld into the "THE ENTRANCE" perfectly. It shapes the idea of a dark dungeon with relentless beasts and monsters, although there is still a small spark of weirdness shining through. In this composition it creates a more interesting and tense texture after using several special effects on certain instruments.


Deep and low bass kicks, atmospheric and big percussion create a massive space, a stage for an orchestra of synthesized strings and different moods. The mix between this feeling of epicness combined with vintage drums and vinylistic effects sound like a long lost longplayer in an enchanted dungeon.


This piece of music is like the the bonus-level of the "THE MAZE"-Series, still inspired by trip-hop but driven by my own style. The thought on how far I could go and mix the both together is the result. Using different techniques and effects, used in trip-hop, on different house drumlines. Adding happier and more melodic melodies and pads throughout the whole sequence to meld the final composition together.